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How to Hunt Wild Turkeys

techniques for hunting turkey in North America

A large tom turkey with tail feathers fanned. Note the beard on the front of it's chest.

The Wild Turkey is probably one of the most challenging and exciting animals to hunt in North America. The wild turkey was hunted to near extinction starting in the first half of the 20th century. Fortunately, due to careful and creative wild life management it was re-introduced to Canada and the Northern United States by breeding and transporting original flocks which had since migrated into the mid-United States. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Choose a Hunting Knife

Smooth edged folding knife for hunting

Smooth-edged folding knife

There are many different types of knives available for the outdoorsman.  Each one is designed for a specific task.  The most popular are folding, fixed blade, filet, skinning and boning knives.  When choosing a knife, there are a several important questions to think about.  What will you being doing with it? A folding or fixed blade?  Do you want a serrated blade?  Can the blade be sharpened? Is the blade made from good quality steel and are the mechanisms sturdy?

The most important decision to make is what type of knife do you need?  Chefs have many different types in the kitchen, and each has its own special purpose.  When choosing a knife for the outdoors the same decisions apply. Choose a knife that suits the task at hand.
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