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6 Important Items for the Outdoors

Multitools are an important outdoor survival tool

The Multi-tool is one of the most useful items to carry with you in the outdoors. It has all the popular tools such as a knife, saw, can opener, and it has pliers for pulling and cutting.

There are many different items you should pack when traveling in the outdoors. A visit to any of the major department stores will overwhelm the average outdoors enthusiast with choices of must have items. But what tools or clothing do you really need to take with you on a trip in the woods to be prepared should you become lost or have to spend more time out there than expected? The answers of what items are a true necessity to have whether on a hike, hunting or out for a boat ride are somewhat surprising given all the choices that are available. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Sleep Outdoors

When it comes to spending the night outdoors, there are many options to ensure a comfortable nights rest. While the image of curling up under the stars with nothing but a blanket is a nice one, there are more pleasant ways to sleep.

The Sleeping Bag

how to choose a sleeping bag

The outer cloth should be breathable as well as wind and water resistant.

It’s hard to beat this tried and tested method of sleeping outside. The traditional sleeping bag has gone through many technological changes over the years. Stuffing inside has evolved from cotton to goose down to polyester fillings which all help keep you warm. Sleeping bags should be chosen based on the temperatures where you will be sleeping. Less expensive bags are made in a simple rectangle shape with a light filling. This bag is designed for sleeping outside in warm temperatures or a sleepover at a friend’s place. This style of bag is great for the summer months when the temperature at night is around 10°C (50°F) but not a good choice for the fall or winter. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Use Trail Cameras

night vision trail camera image

This sample image from Bushnell shows what animals can visit your camera at night. The date and time are printed on the bottom of the actual photo to identify when it was taken.

Scouting for animals before the hunt is one of the surest ways to ensure your big hunt will be successful. For centuries we have searched our hunting areas for signs and tracks that deer, moose, or other animals have been in the area. This age old technique is necessary so the hunter knows exactly where to set up a tree stand or build the blind. The only problem is that being in the woods where you intend to hunt will leave scent and signs of your own for the animals to see-signs that may scare away the very animals you are looking for.

The best way to avoid scaring away the animals is to not be there in the first place. A trail camera is the best way to scout an area and not actually have to be there. Trail cameras have come a long way in the past few years and very few outdoor gadgets have benefited from advancements in technology like they have. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dressing for Cold Weather

how to dress for cold weather

Fabrics such as cotton retain moisture and can cause the body to cool off faster because they stay damp and clammy. Start with a base layer such as Under Armour, polypropylene or other polyester based fabric.

Winter is quickly on its way but the cold temperatures don’t mean you have to stay inside.   Dressing for the cold is easy and even fashionable.  With the right articles of clothing you can stay warm outdoors on even the coldest days.

Layering your clothing is the best way to ensure you will be warm enough.  Start by wearing a base (inner) layer against your skin such as Under Armour or another synthetic microfiber or polyester fabric. A t-shirt and long under wear pants inner layer will move perspiration into the next (middle) layer helping your skin to stay dry.  Fabrics such as cotton retain moisture and get cold and clammy very quickly.  Since the body cools itself by perspiring, wearing a damp shirt will only make you colder. Read the rest of this entry »

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An Introduction to GPS Units

basics of gps units and maps

Handheld GPS units are one of the best items to purchase if you plan on hiking or travelling in the woods

There are many useful gadgets that have been invented to help you in the outdoors. Everything from pocket thermometers to digital watches with compasses on them, have been invented to make the great outdoors even greater. By far the most useful of all the gadgets is the GPS unit. Read the rest of this entry »

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Choosing a Tent

tips on choosing a tent for camping

Choose a tent based on the conditions you will face while camping. Is it an overnight on the beach or a mountain voyage?

Camping wouldn’t be camping without the tent. There are many different styles to choose from to help make a night in the great outdoors even greater. Which style is best for you depends on a few factors that will help decide what you need.

Tents used to be heavy canvas house shaped objects that required much care. That care got even more complicated if the tent got wet. Now most tents are made of nylon which dries quickly, is very lightweight, and relatively inexpensive. There are five main parts to a tent: the tent itself, the fly, the ground cloth, the pegs, and the poles. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Choose a Hunting Knife

Smooth edged folding knife for hunting

Smooth-edged folding knife

There are many different types of knives available for the outdoorsman.  Each one is designed for a specific task.  The most popular are folding, fixed blade, filet, skinning and boning knives.  When choosing a knife, there are a several important questions to think about.  What will you being doing with it? A folding or fixed blade?  Do you want a serrated blade?  Can the blade be sharpened? Is the blade made from good quality steel and are the mechanisms sturdy?

The most important decision to make is what type of knife do you need?  Chefs have many different types in the kitchen, and each has its own special purpose.  When choosing a knife for the outdoors the same decisions apply. Choose a knife that suits the task at hand.
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