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Staying Warm Outdoors

If there is one thing people like, it’s being warm. Without warmth in the outdoors we are susceptible to hypothermia, chills, colds, or at the least one very long weekend, and that thought’s just downright chilling. Staying warm, but not too warm, in the outdoors is a very important part of the outdoor survival basics.

how to stay warm outdoors

Know how to stay warm when outdoors in the winter

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Buying Snowshoes

Snowshoes were invented centuries ago by the aboriginal peoples of North America. Snowshoes made it easy for people to walk through the winter conditions without sinking into the snow with every step. This was important both for nomadic tribes and those which needed to hunt to survive the cold winters. The first European settlers quickly adopted snowshoes to help travel around the many trap lines they established.

buying snowshoes for winter hunting

These traditional snowshoes are based on Algonquin, Huron and Ojibwa designs however the bindings are modern versions of the original leather bindings.

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The Art of Animal Tracking

Tracking animals is an ages old technique, so old it is possibly one of the oldest family traditions. Fathers would pass down the skill of following the tracks of animals they were hunting to their sons as a means to survive. Animal tracking is a skill every outdoors person should learn and teach to their children. For some it is a way of finding their trophy, for others it is to find out what stole a picnic basket from the campsite.

understanding animal tracks

An example of turkey and cat tracks together

Every creature leaves its own distinct foot print, and recognizing them is the first “step” in learning how to track animals. Spend as much time as you can studying the tracks left by different kinds of animals. Dogs, wolves, coyotes and fox all leave one type while a cat’s prints look different. Cats don’t usually walk with claws extended, while canines do.

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Build an Ice Fishing Hut

The best part of ice fishing has to be the hut. Ice fishing provides some of the best opportunities to catch big fish all year. Not only has traffic on the lakes dropped significantly, but fish tend to huddle in specific areas where water temperatures are consistent and food supplies plentiful.

Ice fishing huts can be as simple as three poles and a tarp tied together to break the wind or a fully equipped house on ice with bunk beds, microwave oven, wood or propane stoves and pretty much any other modern convenience you can think of.

how to build an ice fishing hut

Get creative when you build an ice fishing hut!

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The Northern Lights

Nature has many marvels to behold, one must see at the top of the bucket list for anyone is the northern lights. The northern lights are also known as the Aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere or Aurora australis in the southern hemisphere.

The aurora displays are most visible during the cold clear nights found close to the North and South poles. Aurora displays are visible at all times of the year and on very rare occasions during the day. Aurora borealis displays are most often visible during the fall and winter months.

Seeing the northern lights

The Aurora borealis is caused by charged particles from the sun colliding with oxygen or nitrogen particles in Earth’s atmosphere.

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Dressing for Cold Weather

how to dress for cold weather

Fabrics such as cotton retain moisture and can cause the body to cool off faster because they stay damp and clammy. Start with a base layer such as Under Armour, polypropylene or other polyester based fabric.

Winter is quickly on its way but the cold temperatures don’t mean you have to stay inside.   Dressing for the cold is easy and even fashionable.  With the right articles of clothing you can stay warm outdoors on even the coldest days.

Layering your clothing is the best way to ensure you will be warm enough.  Start by wearing a base (inner) layer against your skin such as Under Armour or another synthetic microfiber or polyester fabric. A t-shirt and long under wear pants inner layer will move perspiration into the next (middle) layer helping your skin to stay dry.  Fabrics such as cotton retain moisture and get cold and clammy very quickly.  Since the body cools itself by perspiring, wearing a damp shirt will only make you colder. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Techniques

Ice fishing requires very little equipment to get started

Of all the types of fishing, perhaps the most neglected, yet most fun is ice fishing. Few people are willing to venture out onto a frozen lake searching for the big one, but those who do will find plenty of fish waiting for them. Ice fishing requires a minimum of equipment and is very accessible as no boat or large amounts of tackle and gear are necessary.

Once the ice has reached a safe thickness to travel on (which means at least a solid 6″ for people, 8″ for snowmobiles or ATV’s, 12″ for cars) begin your trek, looking for narrow channels or open and deep areas of water. Snow shoes or skates will help make the trekking easier but a good pair of waterproof warm boots is the most important item that you will require. Wear winter clothing that will block the wind and keep you dry. Don’t forget your gloves, winter hat, and sunglasses. Read the rest of this entry »

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