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Finding Water in an Emergency

Water is the most essential nutrient to life. Humans, animals and plants all need fresh water to survive. An adult human can consume nearly half a gallon (2 litres) or more during physical activity on a hot day so access to fresh drinking water during an emergency is one of the most important parts of the outdoor survival basics.

finding water in an emergency

Fresh water is one of the most important aspects to survival

Collecting Water – The Tools
There are several ways to collect and purify water. The most important item you can carry with you, or keep in your vehicle is a metal container that is capable of carrying and withstanding boiling temperatures. A metal coffee tin, canteen, or even an old soft drink can works well. Make sure to remove any plastic coatings from inside the can by heating it before you boil the water as this coating can melt and contaminate it. Stainless steel water bottles of 500ml to 1 Litre size work well and are practically unbreakable. Read the rest of this entry »

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