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Walleye Fishing

fishing for walleye in Canada

Walleye are a sleek looking fish that typically are 12 to 24 inches in length but can grow to over 30 inches

Walleye is one of Canada’s most popular sport fish. They can be found in most large lakes across Canada and the United States. They inhabit freshwater, but will withstand clear or even murky coloured waters so expect to find them in a variety of conditions and pack your bait accordingly.

The name Walleye comes from the unique eyes they possess. Their eyes are capable of gathering white light (similar to those of a lion) which allows Walleye to see in very low-light conditions. This includes deep locales and their special eyes allow them to see near the surface on days when the water or choppy. Many fishermen will venture out on days when the water is rough and the skies cloudy as walleye will come up nears the surface to feed. Read the rest of this entry »

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