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Treestands for Deer Hunting

deer hunting treestands

Treestand blinds can be set up in areas with little cover or no trees

Deer hunting is all about being sneaky, and when it comes to being sneaky there is no better way than to use a treestand. Treestands are the best way to get on top of your hunting situation. Treestands give hunters a better view of animals as they approach and take advantage of a deer’s one big weakness-deer don’t look up. Treestands come in many different shapes and sizes and undoubtedly there is a model out there for you.

Treestands work on the principle that deer approach a feeding area by looking at the big picture. They survey the entire area for signs of predators; sniff the air for the scent of predators, then listen for the sounds of predators. If everything is clear then they will walk in and start feeding. However, since deer have very few natural enemies to attack them from above, they generally don’t look up much beyond ground level. This is where the treestand comes in. Read the rest of this entry »

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