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How to Build an Emergency Shelter

Shelter is one of the basic elements of survival. Along with food or water, a good shelter is necessary to survive. Shelters have been constructed from nearly every material on the planet at one point or another in history. Some are huge castles made from stone, others are lightweight tents made from fabric or animal skins. All have three purposes, to keep the occupants safe, warm and dry. A good shelter can be constructed quickly from almost anything and almost anywhere.

how to build an outdoor shelter

Even a rough shelter of leaves and branches can help in an emergency outdoors

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Types of Tents

Nothing beats sleeping under the stars, except possibly sleeping in a tent under the stars. A tent will keep the bugs away, the rain or snow off of you and give some shade from the hot sun. There are more different types of tents available now than ever before. Tents are available for every season and condition; which type to get depends on your chosen activity.

Tents are separated into different size categories, the backpacking tent, family tent, or excursion tent. Each size category can then be separated again to three season, four season, and mountaineering or excursion quality.

different types of tents for camping

Three season tents are for spring, summer, and fall use in nice weather only. The fly will usually only provide mild protection from light rain by not fully covering the tent, and the taller size is prone to catching the wind making them less stable.

Three season tents are made from lightweight materials that are breathable and designed for camping in the spring, summer, or fall. Most tents are used during this time period when the nighttime temperatures are not very cold, the wind isn’t bitterly chilled and the chances of rain or snow are minimal.

Three season tents are available in sizes that sleep one person and up and they can be small enough to fit in a backpack or large enough to fill the trunk of your car and can include built in screened porches and separate bedrooms. These tents are for the weekender who only camps in nice weather a couple times a year. Read the rest of this entry »

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Choosing a Tent

tips on choosing a tent for camping

Choose a tent based on the conditions you will face while camping. Is it an overnight on the beach or a mountain voyage?

Camping wouldn’t be camping without the tent. There are many different styles to choose from to help make a night in the great outdoors even greater. Which style is best for you depends on a few factors that will help decide what you need.

Tents used to be heavy canvas house shaped objects that required much care. That care got even more complicated if the tent got wet. Now most tents are made of nylon which dries quickly, is very lightweight, and relatively inexpensive. There are five main parts to a tent: the tent itself, the fly, the ground cloth, the pegs, and the poles. Read the rest of this entry »

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