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When You’re Lost in the Woods

when you're lost in the woods

Learning to use a compass and keeping track of unique landmarks such as weather equipment on a hilltop will help you identify your location if you get lost in the woods.

There are few things scarier than getting lost in the woods. Getting lost can happen to anyone at anytime even in places that are on familiar ground. Every year police and rescue agencies perform thousands of searches for missing people in the woods across North America. Most people are found safe and sound, but for others the outcome is not as happy. Getting found once you are lost in the woods is easier than it may seem at the time and there are several things you can do to help yourself be found.

Firstly, before venturing into the woods for a hike, hunt, or to play, make sure you tell someone trustworthy where you are going and what time you will be back. By letting a family member, trusted friend or neighbour aware of your plans you greatly increase the chance of being found before you even leave.

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Rescue Signals

Getting lost is easy to do. So easy in fact anyone can do it. What is difficult is getting found again, in particular when you are lost in the woods or on the water. There are several simple and common signals that along with some survival basics will alert rescuers to your location and get you home in one piece.

rescue signals

Know how to signal for help whenever you are lost outdoors

All rescue signals need to have one thing in common; they must be effective at attracting attention to yourself and your location. Every situation is different so it is important to think about what you would do to attract attention in a variety of conditions.

If you are lost in the woods, try to seek shelter near a large meadow or clearing where a helicopter or search plane can easily see you. Locating someone who is lost under heavy tree cover is one of the hardest situations to find someone.

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The Survival Plan

Unexpectedly finding yourself in a survival situation can be a scary experience. Anything can happen whether you are in the woods, travelling, or experiencing a natural disaster, so staying prepared is a big challenge. If you were to pack enough equipment to prepare for everything you would probably need a transport truck to carry it all. So what do you really need to do when you are stuck? The first thing to do is create a survival plan. A survival plan is a type of game plan based on the survival basics with all the details, schedules and materials that will be required to get you and your group rescued.

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Starting a Campfire

If you have never built and cooked your dinner over a campfire, or just simply laid back watching the stars while the fire crackles and pops beside you, then you have never fully enjoyed the outdoors! Getting a fire going is very easy, but it is a skill that will serve you well to learn whether you are camping, stuck on the side of a mountain in an emergency, or need to impress the guys (or a lucky girl) with your back woods skills.

how to start a campfire

Building a campfire requires from left to right: heavy logs 3” x 12”, lots of medium sticks ½” by 12”, lots of small sticks ¼” x 8”, tinder (in fire pit), and a pit 2’ to 3’ in diameter.

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6 Important Items for the Outdoors

Multitools are an important outdoor survival tool

The Multi-tool is one of the most useful items to carry with you in the outdoors. It has all the popular tools such as a knife, saw, can opener, and it has pliers for pulling and cutting.

There are many different items you should pack when traveling in the outdoors. A visit to any of the major department stores will overwhelm the average outdoors enthusiast with choices of must have items. But what tools or clothing do you really need to take with you on a trip in the woods to be prepared should you become lost or have to spend more time out there than expected? The answers of what items are a true necessity to have whether on a hike, hunting or out for a boat ride are somewhat surprising given all the choices that are available. Read the rest of this entry »

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