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Repelling Mosquitoes in the Outdoors

Mosquitoes have been ruining nice evenings outdoors for as long as anyone can remember. Fishing trips end and campfires are over when the swatting becomes too much for even the toughest outdoors person to handle. Many products have been invented that claim to repel mosquitoes but how many of them actually work? For that matter how do they work and do these products actually do anything to end the constant slap, swat, and buzz of mosquitoes?

mosquitoes in the outdoors

Mosquitoes can bite anytime of the day, but are most active at night. Only female mosquitoes suck blood.

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Deer Scents

Deer hunting has long been a source of food and recreation for mankind. Many modern techniques have evolved to make the hunt easier. There are several different products on the market to make your deer hunt more successful. These include grunt calls, doe bleats, decoys, and possibly the most effective product – scents.

using deer scents to hunt buck

Bucks are very sensitive to scent. The are able to pick up the scent of another deer from a great distance.

Deer are highly sensitive to scent. Without the ability to take their prospective mate out to a movie or nice restaurant they have to rely on three different kinds of signals to see if they are compatible with each other. Vocal calling to attract a mate to the area, leaving scent in a scrape to let them know they are there, and when necessary some out and out fighting to see who will win the does affections. Read the rest of this entry »

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