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Establish Location when Lost

finding location when lost outdoors

How to find your location when you’re lost

Nobody likes to get lost, so when this happens what do you do? Much of how you determine your location depends on where you are lost. Perhaps you are in a strange city, on a highway in a snow storm, or out in the middle of the woods. Each situation has it’s own unique challenges to establishing your location. Staying alive and arriving at your destination in one piece are all part of the Outdoor Survival Basics series.

No matter where you are lost, the first thing to do is remain calm, stop moving or pull over, and begin to figure out where you are. This can be accomplished in many different ways. If you are in a city find someone friendly and ask where you are, and how you can get to your intended destination. Don’t be shy, we have all had to do this at one point in our lives. Just try to do it before the squabbling with your travel partner begins.

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An Introduction to GPS Units

basics of gps units and maps

Handheld GPS units are one of the best items to purchase if you plan on hiking or travelling in the woods

There are many useful gadgets that have been invented to help you in the outdoors. Everything from pocket thermometers to digital watches with compasses on them, have been invented to make the great outdoors even greater. By far the most useful of all the gadgets is the GPS unit. Read the rest of this entry »

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