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Outdoor Survival Basics

outdoor survival basics.

Know what to do when you get lost in the outdoors. Ten steps to outdoor survival basics.

Getting lost whether travelling on vacation, or out hiking in the woods can be a frustrating and even scary experience. While most people are found within a few hours of getting lost, others can spend much more time stranded.

There is no single reason people become lost and the reasons can vary from sliding off the road in winter weather, losing track of direction while driving or boating, to accidents while hiking or hunting.

Following these 10 simple steps and carrying the proper basic equipment will help keep you safe until help arrives and ensure your survival.

While actual priorities may change based on the situation, the topics listed below represent the most important things to remember and are listed in the order they should be addressed. When this survival series is complete, each section will link to a more complete article on that step. Make sure to read through them all.

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Finding Emergency Food

One of the most important items to pack whether you are going for a hike, drive, or camping trip is some emergency food. As humans we never stop thinking about food. What’s for breakfast? What’s for dinner? These questions take on a whole new meaning when you are stranded or lost in the woods and are part of the survival basics.

Humans are always hungry, without food we eventually just die. Most people can go three or more days without food, but only a few hours without water before they start to experience serious health problems. If you find yourself stuck somewhere with little nourishment, try to limit your activity to reduce the amount of food energy you require to keep from getting hungry if you become stranded or lost.

finding food when lost

Always be prepared to find food in case of an outdoors emergency

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Cooking Bannock

Bannock is an ancient form of bread that can be cooked over an open fire by just about anyone. Aboriginal people of North America from the Navaho to the Inuit all cook a form of bannock based on the ingredients available at the time. Scottish settlers also brought their variation of the recipe over to North America with them, yet no one place on Earth claims to be the originator of the bannock recipe.

how to make campfire bannock

Bannock can be cooked over a fire wrapped around the end of a cooking stick for a tasty woodland treat.

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Food for Camping

food for camping

Cooking over an open fire is one of the best parts of camping

Cooking your meals over an open fire is one of the great experiences that come with camping. Most of us have done hot-dogs or marshmallows over a campfire but what else can be cooked this way?

The main difficulty associated with camp cooking is refrigeration. Most tasty common foods must be kept cold to prevent spoilage, and the ice in a cooler only lasts so long. Not mention how heavy a cooler full of ice can be to carry. When choosing foods to bring with you on a camping trip, try to pack as few foods as possible that require refrigeration or that can spoil easily. The best way to experience a campfire dinner is with fresh food whenever possible however pre-cooked foods are also a good choice to bring along. Read the rest of this entry »

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