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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Techniques

Ice fishing requires very little equipment to get started

Of all the types of fishing, perhaps the most neglected, yet most fun is ice fishing. Few people are willing to venture out onto a frozen lake searching for the big one, but those who do will find plenty of fish waiting for them. Ice fishing requires a minimum of equipment and is very accessible as no boat or large amounts of tackle and gear are necessary.

Once the ice has reached a safe thickness to travel on (which means at least a solid 6″ for people, 8″ for snowmobiles or ATV’s, 12″ for cars) begin your trek, looking for narrow channels or open and deep areas of water. Snow shoes or skates will help make the trekking easier but a good pair of waterproof warm boots is the most important item that you will require. Wear winter clothing that will block the wind and keep you dry. Don’t forget your gloves, winter hat, and sunglasses. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bass Fishing Techniques

Bass fishing for fun and sport

This 7 lbs bass was caught in Ontario

By Wilson

One of North America’s most popular sport fish is the Largemouth Bass. Bass are very popular with sport-fisherman due to their reasonably big size of 3 to 7lbs and widespread availability. The signature leap and splash as it bites down on a lure makes this fish an exciting animal to catch. Often it will jump out of the water in an attempt to flip the lure from it’s mouth making for even more exciting action.

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