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Camouflage Techniques

Camouflage is the art of blending yourself or an object into the surrounding environment. Animals and armies around the world have been using these techniques for centuries, but now photographers, paint ballers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts are using camouflage techniques as well.

camouflage clothing for hunting outdoors

Commercially available crypsis patterns such as this are effective at camouflaging a person who is not moving in the woods. Ideal for hunting.

Camouflage is the main defense of many sea and land animals. Skin and fur colours allow animals to hide from, and seek their prey with ease by either blending into their surroundings, or by distracting other animals as to their location and speed.

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Staying Warm Outdoors

If there is one thing people like, it’s being warm. Without warmth in the outdoors we are susceptible to hypothermia, chills, colds, or at the least one very long weekend, and that thought’s just downright chilling. Staying warm, but not too warm, in the outdoors is a very important part of the outdoor survival basics.

how to stay warm outdoors

Know how to stay warm when outdoors in the winter

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Dressing for Cold Weather

how to dress for cold weather

Fabrics such as cotton retain moisture and can cause the body to cool off faster because they stay damp and clammy. Start with a base layer such as Under Armour, polypropylene or other polyester based fabric.

Winter is quickly on its way but the cold temperatures don’t mean you have to stay inside.   Dressing for the cold is easy and even fashionable.  With the right articles of clothing you can stay warm outdoors on even the coldest days.

Layering your clothing is the best way to ensure you will be warm enough.  Start by wearing a base (inner) layer against your skin such as Under Armour or another synthetic microfiber or polyester fabric. A t-shirt and long under wear pants inner layer will move perspiration into the next (middle) layer helping your skin to stay dry.  Fabrics such as cotton retain moisture and get cold and clammy very quickly.  Since the body cools itself by perspiring, wearing a damp shirt will only make you colder. Read the rest of this entry »

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