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Building a Duck Blind

A duck blind is best built in the late summer along the shore line of where you intend to hunt. Choose a location where you know the ducks will land and pick an area to build your blind where the shot from your gun will not hit anyone or anything.

how to build a duck blind

A simple horizontal frame and masking materials are all that is required to build a good duck blind.

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The Common Loon

There is one sound that is associated with the outdoors like no other. That sound is the call of the Common Loon. If you have ever spent time near a lake then you know what that call is. The Loon’s call is both haunting and mysterious as it breaks the silence of a summer’s night and is a sound that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

seeing the common loon in the wild

The Common Loon is also known as the Great Northern Loon and inhabits lakes from Canada to Great Britain.

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Introduction to Duck Hunting

Every year as fall approaches, Mallards, Canvasbacks, Teal, and many other types of ducks and geese start making their annual winter migration. During the migration huge flocks form and will spend the nights resting in quiet bays on lakes from Northern Canada all the way to the Southern United States.

duck hunting basics

Set your decoys out the night before your hunt. Be very quiet when sneaking into your duck blind half an hour before sunrise.

Some flocks can be enormous while others are smaller with 50 or so, either way duck hunting is a great way to spend an early morning for novices who want to learn the art of shotgun hunting before moving into the woods for upland game birds. It is also a fun way for experienced hunters to spend some action packed time in the outdoors during one of the most beautiful seasons. Read the rest of this entry »

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