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Paper Tuning Your Bow

When it comes to bowhunting getting perfect arrow flight is one of the most important pre-season check ups you can perform on your gear to get ready for this fall’s hunt. Paper tuning is easy and can be done in your garage or basement. Paper tuning your bow will show you how your arrows fly and what needs to be done to correct it if they don’t.

If your bow is not properly set up, with the sights and arrow rest in alignment the arrows simply will not go where you want them to. When shooting broadheads the added width of the broadhead will catch in the wind as it travels towards the target. This causes the arrow to veer off side and miss it’s mark. Even when everything on the bow looks like it is properly set up just a small variation in alignment can make the difference between hitting your mark or the tree beside it. Read the rest of this entry »

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3D Archery Tournaments

3D archery tournaments and targets

3D archery targets are designed to appear as close to the real animal as possible to simulate the actual hunting experience

When it comes to archery there is nothing more challenging than a 3D tournament. 3D archery combines all the skills of hunting and target shooting into one exciting sport. A 3D target is a life-sized foam replica of almost any animal you could hunt. This includes deer, elk, bear, boars, turkey, buffalo, lions, and almost any other animal you can think of.

Imprinted on the 3D archery target are the scoring rings. Each ring represents a part of the vitals that would be found on an animal that is being hunted. Typically the centre ring (heart) is 11 points, the middle ring (arteries around the heart) 10, the outer ring (lungs) 8 and the rest of the animal is 5 points. Any arrows that miss the target have a value of zero. Most tournaments or 3D ranges are comprised of 20 or 40 targets. Read the rest of this entry »

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Getting Started in Archery

getting started in archery

Carbon fiber arrows are very popular and work with a wide variety of bows

Archery is one of the world’s oldest sports. For nearly 35,000 years archery has been used for hunting, battle and recreation. Archery has come a long way from the ancient wooden long bows. Now they are made from plastics, fiberglass, carbon, and other space aged materials. Getting started in archery is easy, one you learn how to choose the right equipment.

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