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Thrill on a Zip Line

Zip lines are an amazing adventure for any outdoor enthusiast. Zip lines speed the rider through tree top canopies or down mountain sides at speeds of over 120km/h providing a thrilling ride and incredible views.

Zip lines are also known as zip wires or flying foxes. Flying foxes are generally designed lower to the ground and have slower speeds for children and equipment. Adventure-size zip lines or professional courses usually run at great heights down mountains, across gorges, and through jungles. These lines will often start at heights over 30’ (9 metres) and run for distances of over 1500’ (450 metres).

zip line adventure travel

This zip line takes riders through the depths of the Costa Rican jungle. Note the heavy leather gloves the rider is wearing for gripping the wire to slow his descent and to stop.


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Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro is an exotic and relatively easy hike in Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro

Imagine the sweeping vistas and beautiful scenery as you ascend the summit of Tanzania’s famous Mount Kilimanjaro. This extinct volcano is the highest peak in Africa as well as the highest walkable mountain in the world. These features make it a magnet for hikers and climbers alike. It’s a breath-taking challenge that you’ll find nowhere else in the world.

Just because Kilimanjaro is considered “walkable”, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy climb. The summit is 19,335 feet above sea level and the ascent can take between 5 and 8 days. There are several mapped routes to climb the mountain. Each trail offers varying degrees of difficulty, with Shira and Umbwe being the most difficult routes and Marangu being the easiest.

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